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Sial Paris Case Study 2022

The largest food exhibition in the world held in Paris, France. 

I wrote a case study for the Sial Paris Food Exhibition, the largest food exhibition in the world. Sial contacted Mapsted to help with the issues they were facing in terms of the efficiency of their indoor space. In other words, they were looking for user-friendly wayfinding in a complex indoor environment. 


In previous years, a static digital billboard was used to provide a map of the venue. Although it was a step in the right direction, the organization wanted to do more.


With over 7,500 vendors Sial wanted to make sure that all booths, shows, and events were easily accessible to all visitors. They also wanted visitors to 

  • Be able to share their location with others for easy meetups.

  • Tag and pinpoint locations.

  • Access additional information that would enhance their SIAL Paris 2022 experience.

To read more about the case study and how Mapsted solved these challenges, click the lemons on the left. 

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