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Grilled Salmon

Fare Fine Foods

Project: Re-design a website for a small local catering and meal service business. 

Client: Fare Fine Foods 

Goal: Re-design the FFF website to optimize the user experience and ultimately increase the revenue generated.


Fare Fine Foods is a local business that focuses on healthy organic meals that are freshly prepared and then flash frozen for people to take home.

After conducting an interview with the business owner about the goals of her business and what she felt was working and what wasn't, I went ahead and did a bit of exploration of my own on the site. 

Logo Re-Design

Bringing new life to the old logo. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 10.27.07 PM.png

Heuristic Evaluation 

Examining the site for areas that need improvement. 

Upon exploring the website I found that I could make some improvements to the ordering flow and process. For example, when I went to check out the site's menu, nowhere could I add anything to my cart or make an order. 


The prices and descriptions of the food were available but to place an order or add something to my cart I had to go to the "Order Online" tab within the navigation bar. 



Sketching a new direction for the website. 

I drafted up some wireframes with multiple options to how the home page could work


Wireframes Lo-Fi 

Iterating on a design for the website. 

I then drafted my wireframes into lo-fi versions for the owner. After completing some user testing these two were anonymously the most valuable to people. Version 2 was just a different layout than version 1 but version 1 seemed to feel the most familiar.

After some further discussion, I decided the best course of action was to remove the home page entirely. For this design and the value proposition, it seemed most important to showcase the menu so the home page was removed from the navbar. I also added a page dedicated to catering in the final hi-fi version navbar.

Version 1

Home PageLo.png

Version 2

Home PageLofi.png

Design Changes

Before and after.


Old page

screencapture-farefinefoods-ca-menu-2022-03-23-14_03_57 (1).png

New home page


Pop out menu and order card


The old our vision page


The new our vision page

Our Vision.png

Old blog page


New blog page


Old contact page

Screenshot of contact us page

New contact us page


Information in order of importance

I added a page dedicated to catering. A place customers can go if they are only looking for food for an event.

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