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Creative samples for UI

Sometimes writing can be creative, imaginative, and delightful depending on the business, persona, and brand. When appropriate, I like creating a persona that is based on someone I can imagine using the product I am creating, as well as someone who adds character to the copy. 


Oh, honey. 

In this example, a company named - Oh, honey- sells goods primarily crafted with locally sourced honey and bee pollen. The ideal persona for this business is the working professional who is eco-conscious, deeply cares for their sexual, mental, and physical health, and loves purchasing high-quality health and wellness products. The brand Oh, honey is targeted at the free-spirited and fun customer who doesn't take themselves too seriously, unless it comes to their skincare routine! 


I crafted this copy for a collection of products to be used intimately. Since there is sometimes a stigma surrounding sexual health I wanted the copy to read as personal and thoughtful, and slightly cheeky, a tone of voice that keeps the topic fun and less taboo. 

Further down the product line, I worked on copy for a skincare collection. I kept the tone similar, this time speaking to the concerns of the buyer, addressing their questions about ingredients and effectiveness.


Played around with the copy for the footer text of the Oh, honey website. 

Happy Plant

Happy Plant

In this example, I created a fictional app by the name of Happy Plant. You can read about the tone of voice and persona below as well as see some UI screens I created for a mobile app. 

Happy Plant .png
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