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Mapsted is a company that leads innovation in the indoor navigation space. Specializing in intelligent indoor wayfinding with turn-by-turn blue dot navigation, they are ahead of the competition by offering indoor navigation without all the external hardware that is typically associated with it. They also specialize in advanced analytics and location based marketing software. 

The Task

Create micro copy for each widget to help the user understand what data they are interpreting. 

The Process

Over the course of weekly meetings I met with the web dev team and Q&A to understand the analytics software and then produced copy that explained the data behind each widget. I had to make sure that the copy was straightforward to understand and concluded the data in a simple manner.  I had to test a variety of copies to see which formula best suited the interface and what provided the most helpful information.

I concluded it was best to display the general idea surrounding each widget as the main heading, followed by a subheading for more context to identify the key takeaways from each data graph. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 10.14.02 PM.png

          For the first widget (labelled 1 ) the heading would become Zone Geofence Map.

A subheading would follow providing more context.

Colour-coded zone geofences help visualize the zone that correlates to the Hourly Visits By Zone Geofence widget.


          For the second widget (labelled 2 ) the heading would become Hourly Visits By Zone Geofence.

 A subheading would follow providing more context.

Displays the time and number of visits each colour-coded zone geofence gets on any given hour.



The original heading for the second widget "Hourly Visits" was indeed correct information but did not provide enough context to what the different colours on the graph represented. Giving each widget subheadings creates an informed experience for the user to decipher what the widgets actually mean. 

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