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Hello! My name is Tanisha. 

Naturally creative and curious, I view the interaction between a person and a product as a pivotal moment to provide a useful and engaging experience. 


I excel at relaying design decisions to clients and get excited about creating moments of delight within the user experience. I consider myself a lifelong learner while always looking for new ways to keep inspired. 

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What I Do.

Communicate Ideas

How do I accomplish this?

I love relaying design decisions to clients based on data and in terms that anyone can understand. Taking the lead to communicate and empathize with their needs is something that I value and excel at.

UX Writing

How do I accomplish this?

I craft clear and concise copy that alleviates pain points often associated with unclear or lacking content. My end goal is to help users accomplish the task they set out to do, whether that's clicking a button or creating a new profile account.

Create UI

How do I accomplish this?

Let me create an intuitive and functional UI for mobile or desktop. I like designs that are clean and functional, incorporating moments of delight where appropriate.

UX Thinking

How do I accomplish this?

I am invested in learning about the entire problem space to gain a deeper understanding of where pain points occur and how they can be replaced with opportunities to enhance the customer journey.

Urban Living Room


Image by Stefan Johnson

Fare Fine Foods.

Image by NASA

Discovery Center

Colorful Pens

UX Writing



Preparing Fish


Image by Alex wong




Want to work together?

I would love to hear about your next project! Connect with me below!

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